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wrestling in the ring between two gentlemen (Randy Page vs Kori Thomas)

Published: 12 may 2018

Duration: 22:34
After this interlude with the " king " of wrestling, Mark Lander, let us return to our "vintage" wrestling. Here, another two fierces fighters who do all that they can to win New developments multiply, each gets the upper hand over the other one in turn, sometimes very quickly. The dominations carry on the speed of a TGV... but the fight remains courteous. Not or very few low blows under the belt ( only one). It is the pin which is looked for, not the massacre. Too bad for those who like when a fighter is demolished! We see two gentlemen there who carry on the catches and want only the victory. That reminds me a game of chess where each tries the definitive "coup de grâce" to win. but, in chess, there is no violence between the players! ("a priori...")